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Support the training life-cycle. Empower the apprentice. Be people-centric.

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Traditionally, Training Management Solutions are transactional and financially centric and leave out the people.

To close the gap, organisations have been faced with using manual processes that fall short of providing the apprentice and host employer with an engaging experience.

Training is about people.

people. helps training organisations optimise the apprentice and host employer experience, drives recruitment, advances digital and online strategies, and meets key operational and compliance requirements.


people. provides a powerful, integrated, people-centric platform across the entire apprenticeship experience as well as skills, operational and compliance functions.

"In developing people. for apprenticeships, we have focused on ensuring that GTOs are able to manage the complex relationship between host employers and apprentices in a rapidly evolving digital era."


What do you want to do?

Engage apprentices?

Provide a supportive environment for your apprentices that spans the training lifecycle – from first enquiry, hosting with an employer, through to gaining their qualifications and entering the workforce.

Convert prospects?

Improve conversion rates for both employers and apprentices with a smooth and compelling process which transforms interest into action.

Value-add through automation?

Automate manual processes such as matching apprentices with host employers. Free up your people to use their skills and energies in more valuable operational areas.

Focus on the apprentice lifecycle?

Provide clarity on where every apprentice is in their training lifecycle. Identify areas where an apprentice might need support, help drive success and achieve dreams.

Digitally innovate to leverage technology trends?

Respond to rapidly evolving demands of the digitally-driven era. Leverage megatrends such as social, big data, artificial intelligence and Internet of Things through a digitally ‘connected’ platform.

Consolidate systems and data?

Improve visibility and lower costs by consolidating systems and information silos. Share your organisational data for seamless reporting and more confident decision-making.

Streamline processes?

Reduce your reliance on fallible paper processes, eliminate time-hungry manual systems and cut operational costs with digitised data, online forms and automated workflows.

Extend your solution?

Easily integrate people. with familiar productivity tools like Microsoft Office and SharePoint to add further value and productivity.

Find out more?

Download the Fusion5 people. Training Management eBook.

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Training is more than learning new skills. It’s a passion to learn, succeed, and create something new. A desire to motivate, pass on knowledge, and inspire a new generation. Above all, it’s about people.




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