Enterprise Edition

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

Simplify. Grow your operations. Engage customers - globally.

"Microsoft has put user experience front and centre with Dynamics 365 Operations. It combines the depth of Dynamics AX with the ease of use that Microsoft is renowned for. A true Enterprise Grade business solution in the Cloud."


An easy-to-use yet extensive enterprise-grade business solution in the Cloud. Simplify your business processes with end-to-end ERP, CRM, BI, and Portal all in one. Fully integrated with Office 365.

In this customer-centric era technology has transformed how we engage, connect and interact with one another.

It’s never been more critical for your businesses to gain insight into your customers’ needs, and then provide experiences that build lasting relationships. And in this digital world, adapting to customer preferences with agility and speed is essential.

If delivering amazing experiences is important to your business, Enterprise Edition is for you.

Be amazing, every day

Dynamics 365 Operations gives organisations an exceptional customer focus by being able to take advantage of cloud services and run agile operations that exceed customer needs.

You’ll engage with your customers on their terms - across the Web, social, apps and mobile fronts.

Win the hearts of your people

Dynamics 365 Operations is an extensive, usable and fully integrated solution.

It realises more business value faster by delivering core ERP and industry-specific capabilities. It’s designed to work the way your people already work – with Microsoft business apps – so you’ll see faster adoption and broader usage.

And it is fully integrated with Microsoft’s business apps in the cloud – Office 365, Dynamics CRM, Power BI, Cortana Intelligence, Azure Machine Learning, and PowerApps.

A partnership you can depend on

Fusion5 is a leading Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) with many years of experience in implementing business applications and Cloud solutions.

What do you want to do?

Improve your manufacturing operations?

Gain visibility across connected distribution, customer service, sales and marketing so you can innovate your products and processes to meet rising expectations. Simplify production, improve product go-to-market and offer delivery flexibility.

Enable full retail capability for your business?

Give your sales staff the information they need to provide immediate, personalised service. Drive social media, mobility, stores, and other retail touch points. Provide rich real-time Point of Sale (POS) functionality for your employees so nothing can hold them back.

Improve business performance with financial analytics?

Get a live view of all your financial information and data analytics from Dynamics 365 for Operations. Microsoft’s cloud-based ERP provides all the relevant information you need to deliver strategic, data-driven insights to your business. Immediate insights driving corporate strategy and facilitating growth.

Manage an efficient warehouse?

Automate your warehouse processes to reduce operational costs. Allow warehouse managers to control their put-away, quality, and picking operations. And, with a flexible workflow engine they can rapidly respond to changing business needs.

Enhance your logistics and supply chain efficiencies?

Get global transportation planning and freight reconciliation. For manufacturing, distribution and retail companies, this helps to provide the right customer experience at the right price.

Perform easy budget planning? 

Give your budget managers easy-to-use tools – create budget plan worksheet templates for Microsoft Excel. Automatically route your budget plans with worksheets, justifications, and attachments.

Maintain accurate demand forecasting?

And create accurate demand forecasts to improve your products’ availability and minimise your inventory costs. Using Microsoft SQL Server forecasting algorithms, Microsoft Excel visualisations, and Dynamics 365 for Operations models, create forecasts you can count on.

Drive E-commerce and social media?

Provide great shopping experiences to your customers with integrated e-commerce and social media capabilities all included. Build campaigns and engage your customers through their social media channels of choice. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest.

Enable rapid business transformation? 

Get real-time information on almost any device, at any time. Dynamics 365 for Operations simplifies and accelerates business process changes. And it’s based in the cloud, so it integrates with legacy systems and scales globally with ease.


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