Microsoft SharePoint

Collaborate. Secure your digital data. Access anytime, anywhere.

“Fusion5's proactive approach to finding simpler and better ways for the end-user to engage with the site has been invaluable. Our goal has always been an easy, friendly system. And that’s been delivered.”


Store, organise, share and access the information you need. Microsoft SharePoint gives your organisation the best platform for success.

As your organisation generates more and more data, and your users demand flexible working arrangements, security and seamless collaboration become paramount.

Put your intranet in your pocket with Microsoft SharePoint.

SharePoint provides a secure digital home for your organisation so. Even while on the road, your people can securely access the the documents and data they need. Anywhere, at any time, on practically any device.

Enjoy seamless collaboration

When time is of the essence, dynamic and easy collaboration is a must.

Microsoft SharePoint, combined with the Microsoft tools you are familiar with like Office 365 and Dynamics, enables you to share and collaborate to get the job done faster. Without emailing documents, juggling versions and wasting time.

Intelligence and insight

Provide your organisation with a digital home for your intranet and ensure your people are up to date on who's who - and what's new - in your organisation.

Microsoft SharePoint lets you see with just one glance the activity across all your sites and groups. And you’ll spend less time searching for files - with intelligent recommendations, files will find you.

Enterprise-grade security and compliance

When it comes to your organisation’s data, security is not negotiable.

From well-architected document management solutions to securing sensitive corporate knowledge, Microsoft SharePoint offers best-in-class security. Your end users get the productivity they’ve been asking for, while the IT department gets the cloud security and compliance requirements they need.

What do you want to do?

Revolutionise the way your organisation collaborates?

Give your people the tools they need to collaborate and remain productive, no matter when and no matter where they are in the world. 

Ensure secure and compliant access with enterprise-grade document management?

Store, protect and collaborate on documents while preventing data loss in an ever increasing mobile workforce and preventing over exposure of information. Microsoft SharePoint has got you covered. 

Deliver an outstanding Intranet experience?

Empower your people by giving them access to the tools and technologies in the workplace that they are used to at home. With Microsoft SharePoint, your intranet meets the all-important expectations of users as to how it functions and how it looks. You’ll create an outstanding user experience (UX) and your people will love you for it.

Improve efficiency, effectiveness and productivity?

With its deep integration with Office 365, Microsoft SharePoint delivers a seamless experience across the range of tools, from real-time collaboration in Word to file synchronisation with OneDrive.



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