Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Support productivity. Enable collaboration. Deliver excellence.

"Fusion5's multi-award winning Microsoft Dynamics team has proven that our skill and passion allow us to deliver truly transformational results."

Dan Sykes, CTO Customer Experience Solutions, Fusion5

Microsoft Dynamics delivers modern CRM apps which enable your business to thrive in the digital economy.

Do you want to revolutionise the way your users work, the way they engage with customers and how your customers engage with you?

Talk to our multi award-winning team about Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Dynamics 365.

What's not to love?

Microsoft Dynamics' modern CRM apps; Sales, Customer Service, Marketing, Field Service and Project Service Automation provide a digital hub for your organisation, seamlessly integrated with the wider Microsoft ecosystem.

Take your relationships to the next level

Gain a centralised 360-degree view of the people and relationships important to you. Then empower them with Microsoft Dynamics self-service portals for partners and customers, providing 24/7/365 interaction.

Delight your market with multi-channel, intelligent, predictive customer service. Effortlessly run and manage multi-channel customer engagement programmes from Social to Campaign automation and events. And step up your sales capabilities with modern, smart, mobile sales force automation.

Empower your organisation

Deliver intelligent and actionable insights through Microsoft machine learning and other groundbreaking tools. Realise more value and improve productivity with Dynamics 365’s deep integration with Microsoft Office 365 including SharePoint, Exchange and Power BI.

Adapt and change at the pace modern business demands by leveraging the Microsoft application platform including PowerApps, Flow and the Common Data Model.

Flexible deployment

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is available online (hosted in Microsoft's data centres), deployed on your own infrastructure, or as a hosted option through many New Zealand data centre providers. This provides more flexibility to meet your company's unique needs than any other leading CRM solution.

Designed for an integrated future

Importantly, Microsoft has designed Dynamics CRM from the get go to be readily integrated with your other business systems, providing that one true central view of your customers.

Fusion5 - a winning partnership

Microsoft New Zealand CRM Partner of the Year for 2016.

Microsoft New Zealand CRM Partner of the Year for 2016.

What do you want to do?

Better understand your most important relationships?

Manage, measure and nurture your relationships – all in one place. Microsoft Dynamics 365 gives you the tools to build and grow new relationships and networks, and record every interaction along the way.

Increase productivity and collaboration?

Microsoft's mission is to "empower every person and every organisation on the planet to achieve more", and Microsoft Dynamics 365 sits at the heart of this.

With deep Office 365 integration providing automatic Exchange and SharePoint integration, it's got you covered on every step of the customer journey.

Empower your organisation with intelligent insights?

Get more value from your data. Dynamics 365 provides you with intelligence and actionable insights, to help you make quick, easy decisions. Empower your organisation with a system of intelligence, from relationship insights using the Office graph, to product recommendations using Azure Machine learning.

And with every update, Microsoft are doubling down on initiatives to drive productivity and effectiveness through intelligence. 

Elevate your customer and field service to the next level?

Engage with your customers, suppliers and partners on their terms. Deliver quick, quality interactions and results when and where they expect them. Dynamics 365 provides what your customer expects from multi-channel self-service and knowledge management, to predictive field service through IoT.

Scale your organisation?

Capture and implement easy to follow, quick to adapt business process flows. Dynamics 365 allows you to scale your business while ensuring consistency and quality.

Take your data to the next level?

Elevate your data - from gathering and storage, to analysis, prediction and visualisation with Dynamics 365 for Customer Insights, Power BI, the Common Data Model and a wide range of Azure services.


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