Ivanti Endpoint Management & Security

Apply heavy duty device management. Optimise performance. Protect your data.

“Ivanti’s ITOM portfolio is impressive. It provides a comprehensive approach to targeted cyber (and home grown) threats to any device and the data on it. These solutions and their seamless integration into the service management platform will lead the way in digital workspace management - well into the future.”

Edward Zarzour, Chief Technology Officer, Fusion5

Achieve maximum protection for your organisation. Ivanti has the right solution to defend your vulnerabilities and meet your needs.

Every device that has remote connectivity features represents a point of vulnerability to your organisation. Your sensitive data is at risk, especially with assets that connect to the internet.

Ivanti’s endpoint security suite provides a powerful, multi-layered protection to automate patch management, prevent malware from running or spreading, and enable remote control and remediation of infected systems.

Audit readiness

Ivanti's flexible reporting and information visualisation features improve compliance and help you pass more audits. Integrate with system management tools to increase your efficiency and control over your IT environment.

Virtualisation performance

Optimise your the user experience with Ivanti’s User Environment Management solutions. Keep your users empowered by enabling secure access to virtual desktops with minimum performance complications.

What do you want to do?

Streamline your upcoming Windows migration project?

Automatically move user personalisation, files, and settings between disparate Windows operating system versions. Operate in a continuous state of migration, minimising your risks and staying current.

Have failsafe desktop virtualisation?

If your users experience loss of service or encounter regular performance issues then you run the risk of failure with your Citrix, VMWare or Microsoft virtualisation projects. The knock-on effect on your IT managers and team, and your users is huge.

You can now apply user profiles, files, and IT policies across different desktop models, while ensuring endpoints remain protected and performance is optimised. Ivanti’s got you covered.

Secure your point of sale (POS) systems?

Relax. We can protect you and your assets against the increasingly sophisticated attacks on POS systems, ATMs, payments and self-service kiosks.

Make sure your SCM warehouse devices are supported?

Empower your warehouse employees to do more and automate your stock management processes with Ivanti supply chain device management solutions. Android migration solutions are also available.

Protect your data?

Maintain 24x7 real-time access to data while balancing the need to access protected data. Ivanti provides the ability to control and block unauthorised USB devices, detect malware, whitelist applications, encrypt data, and identify download trafficking.

You’re in safe hands with us.

Keep your patch management under control?

Using Ivanti’s world-leading Patch and Remediation solution (powered by Shavlik), you can automatically identify and patch heterogeneous operating systems, 3rd party applications, endpoint configurations and Microsoft security and non-security vulnerabilities (SCCM plugins). All from a single console.


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