Ivanti IT Service Management

Resolve issues quickly. Configure without coding. Increase user happiness.

“Our customer-centric approach to ITSM, coupled with our experience and strong partnership with Ivanti, gives our customers peace of mind and a clear path towards true Enterprise Service Management.”

Edward Zarzour, CTO, Fusion5

Easy to implement service desk solutions that help your teams quickly restore services, fulfil requests and resolve issues for all your users.

Every employee in every organisation uses devices, software applications and technologies to do their job.

So how do you make sure your users are enabled and empowered to be productive and agile? What happens when something goes wrong? And how does your IT department handle the ever-increasing demand for support?

Ivanti’s Service Management Platform is powerful and flexible, yet easy to use and maintain. It frees up your IT department so they can be more responsive to the evolving demands of your business.

Improve your IT processes 

Take a fresh look at streamlining your existing processes. Automate activities, introduce best practice, and eliminate complexity. Ivanti Service Management reduces the risks that come with change and all allows your business to adapt quickly, without tying up resources or investing in costly configuration.

Make your users (and helpdesk) happy

Support your users across a wide range of devices. Provide self-service and voice automation to further reduce the load on your help desk.

Ivanti Service Management is suitable for any size business.

What do you want to do?

Make your service desk manager accountable for customer service and IT service support?

Manage your teams’ responsiveness, KPIs, business rules, ITSM workflows and notifications with Ivanti’s complete and configurable platform. Support all your users and easily publish templates, knowledge and surveys that they can access on any device.

Quickly modernise your helpdesk or service desk?

Rollout an enterprise class, feature-rich, automated service desk platform in record time. Equipped with self-service, mobile support, configurable version controlled workflows, web-based zero coding administration and flexible architecture. ITILv3 compliant, hybrid or simply different from ITIL? Switch features on/off as you please, and there are plenty of templates to choose from for fast implementation.

Make sure your service support teams can keep up with demand?

Complement your interactive voice response (IVR) by reducing the load on your service desk during peak times with Ivanti’s voice automation solution. Users can securely reset their own passwords and submit incidents without calling your support team. Configure calls flows and integrate screen pops so your team can do more with less, and increase customer satisfaction.

Have a single source of truth CMDB?

Auto-populate your CMDB and increase your ITIL maturity by linking CIs to incidents, problems, events, changes and users. Configure your network topologies in the CMDB to quickly and graphically assess impact of CI’s on the corresponding services they are linked to.

Implement good change, release and project management methodologies?

Lay the foundation for repeatable best practice processes and templates. Eliminate the complexity of managing IT changes, releases and projects and along with the associated deliverables, approvals, tasks and checklists at each milestone.

Promote a culture of self-help?

Back up self-service with knowledge and methodologies such as KCS to create non-intrusive access for your users. Use pop-up suggestions during the incident reporting process so users can fix their problems without submitting the incident report.


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